Roller Shutters

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Integrate our high performance rolling shutters in to your home design for maximum aesthetics and performance.

Security, Sun Control, Energy Savings & Storm Protection, all in one product.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Home Security

Roller shutters can be used on both doors and windows and are an effective way of making your home more secure. If properly locked, burglars have a hard time opening them from the outside because they’re made from a tough, durable material. Just seeing the shutters will make them think twice about attempting to break in.


If your house has rooms that are street facing and exposed to prying eyes, then roller shutters offer a means of making them more private. You can control the level of privacy by rolling down the shutters to the required level at any time of day or night.


As well as keeping your home cool in summer, they also act as an effective insulator in winter by keeping the warm air inside the house. This is great news as it means your air conditioning and heating system won’t have to work as hard, and you’ll get a nice surprise each month on your power bill.

Noise & Light Control

For anyone that needs a dark room, for example getting some sleep if you work night shifts, roller shutters block out the light completely. They’re also very effective at blocking out noise, high quality ones can block out around 60%, so it’s worth getting them installed if you have noisy neighbours. It also works both ways, if you’re making a lot of noise then you won’t disturb them.

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